Leaving 2009 behind

31 Dec

The new year is just around the corner, and as I wrap up preparations for our family get-together, I’m trying to get my head around the fact that it will be 2010. Seems like yesterday that I was in Mexico preparing for the millennium. Which makes me realize that this year is a significant one. Tomorrow we not only ring in a new year — we also ring in a new decade. If the birth of a new year is a natural time for us to pause and consider both past and future, this year is especially so. So I’ve been on the hunt for a new (to me) ritual to mark this occasion.

We always spend New Years with my sig-o’s family. We have blended a few traditions into a set of rituals we perform each year. The in-laws always buy us red undies or socks that we have to wear to ensure lots of love in the new year (their ritual). At the strike of midnight, we down twelve grapes to represent prosperity in the new year (also theirs). And before midnight we take our money out of the house and hide it and bring it all back in just after midnight, also to represent prosperity (my ritual). But this year I’m looking for something more profound, something that allows me to connect with the universe on a different level. I’ve decided on a burning bowl ceremony, a ritual practiced in different ways across cultures. Mine is a morph version, with pieces pulled together that best fit me:

First, light a candle and call the universe, your teacher guide, and your higher self to join you. On three pieces of paper, write the following: 1) a list of things you are grateful for from the past year, 2) a list of things you want to release and leave behind as the new year begins, and 3) a list of things you welcome into your life and wish to manifest. Take time to reflect on each, thank the universe for all of its gifts, and then create a mantra that epitomizes the list of things you welcome into your life. Then burn the first two pieces of paper and save the third in a place where you can periodically look at it as a reminder.

I’m not sure when I’ll get to actually to do this because I need some time to reflect on it all before I do it. Which stresses me because I’d like to do it New Year’s Eve but doubt I’ll be ready. But that’s ok, I guess. It’s more about the process than the exact timing. The universe is forgiving, and after all, it’s my own damn ritual and I can do whatever I want! I’ll share what it ends up looking like, though.


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