Embracing 2010

2 Jan

It’s here. 2010. As promised in part one of my New Year’s posts, here’s what my New Years Eve looked like.

My sig-o had just left for work and I was packing up our bags to spend the night with his family. The baby was playing at my feet and then all of a sudden he was falling down the stairs. I mean this literally. Fell down a full flight of stairs, about 18 steps. I ran after him but couldn’t catch him. He didn’t appear to have any major visible injuries, so I rushed him to the children’s hospital and we spent several hours in the ER. The doctors agreed that he was just fine — no injuries, which is just mind-blowingly amazing. I was shaken the rest of the night. I still can barely talk about it…more on that in another post.

After we arrived at the family’s place, we lounged around and munched on a bunch of goodies we had prepared. Then about 10 or 15 minutes before midnight, everyone started getting ready. Counting out all the sets of 12 grapes. Getting out the champagne. We all had on our red undies. I took our money outside. Then several new rituals were added to the mix… incense burning by the male head of households (meant to attract money). Everyone was instructed to light a candle, the colors predetermined by my mother-in-law —  again red for love, white for prosperity. My mother-in-law also had a container of water (holy water, I think) that we all had to dip our hands into so that the water would soak up anything bad in us and then she took it outside. And then my sig-o (who I had told about the burning bowl ceremony) comes in with pieces of paper and pens and announces that we’d all be doing this. Not exactly what I had in mind, but whatever…maybe the universe felt that someone else there really needed to do it, too. So with just 4 minutes left before midnight, we all sat down and scribbled our thoughts with the tv blaring in the background and finished just in time to gorge ourselves on grapes then run outside and burn our papers. Really, really not the way I wanted this ritual to go down, but in the end it was fine. May as well start the new year off on neutral ground: not upset, no regrets, all is good.  So…. I can’t remember exactly what I wrote down in the four-minute dash, but it went something like this:

Things I’m grateful for from the past year:

  • A beautiful, healthy, baby boy (who apparently has some very protective spirit guides!)
  • Quick physical recovery from pregnancy, emergency c-section, and gallbladder surgery
  • The love and support I have received from family and friends
  • Stable financial situation, good health insurance, and short-term disability
  • The opportunity to telework often and have someone watch the baby in the house
  • The ability to nurse my baby

Things I want to release and leave behind:

  • Depression
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of taking risks to do what I want because it doesn’t seem to be the responsible or logical decision
  • Disappointment in and anger at in-laws right after baby was born
  • Unhealthy pattern of not exercising, eating out too much

Things I welcome in the new year and wish to manifest:

  • Becoming a stay-at-home mom
  • Healing from the postpartum depression
  • Freedom from perceived dependency on current work situation
  • Continued financial stability for our family
  • Trust in sig-o’s ability to provide for our family
  • Starting my own business!
  • Another pregnancy, if that’s what the universe has in store for us
  • Health and wellness for the family

Mantra for 2010: Heal and Choose Happiness

Happy 2010 to all! May all of our intentions become reality.


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