My kind of prayer

28 Jan

Sig-o had an interview this week in the city we’re trying to relocate to. He thinks it went well, and we’re hoping to find out something tomorrow. In the meantime, we had several hours of driving to talk and clear our heads and come to some decisions. For example, I decided once and for all that I am quitting my job. Putting in notice very soon. That’s huge. I feel at peace about it — it’s the right decision.

Now, don’t think I’m not nervous about what’s to come and how we’re going to pay the bills — I am. So I decided it’s time to have a little talk with the universe to release some of this anxiety and appeal for their guidance. It went something like this…

To all the goddesses, gods, beings, and spirits in this world and beyond… to my higher self, my teacher guide, and the universe… I call upon you all to thank you for your guidance and protection and to ask for your assistance once again.

Today I let go of the job that was making me miserable, the fear that kept me there so long, and the relationships that I felt I needed for security’s sake. I’m so proud of myself for doing something I should have a long time ago. I know you’re all probably smacking your foreheads and saying, “Finally! She finally got it!” So, yeah, I may be slow, but I’m still proud. Thank you for your patience and unwavering guidance through this process.

I ask for your continued guidance as we have some big changes on the horizon. We’re waiting to hear about sig-o’s job interivew. Is this the job for him? Is this the direction we’re supposed to be going in? We came up with a plan today in case this works out and it seemed almost too simple, where it seemed nearly impossible just the other day. So please let the result be the right thing for us. If it doesn’t work out we’ll know that there is a better option for us that’s still out there and that you will guide us in that direction. I promise to be as open as possible to hear and see what you’ve got to say, and am open to any serendipity you may have in store for me. I trust in you and I’m handing over my fears and anxiety about the future. I’m replacing them with peace that all will be well, abundant, and in our best interest. Thanks in advance.

PS: 10-4 on the message about managing money. I’m working on it!


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