Coming up for air?

25 Mar

Now I’m not positive, but I think I may have leveled off a bit after missing a week of meds two weeks ago or so. Lots of things still suck around here, but i don’t feel the desperation I did just a few days ago. I am, however, exhausted and really needed some alone time this evening while sig-o is working, but the baby wouldn’t go to sleep at his regular time…flippin’ time change has everything messed up. He finally dozed off, but now I’m too tired to enjoy my space or even write much here.

On another good note, sig-o got call-backs today for two second interviews. Keeping our fingers crossed. Earlier this week I was in a total funk about moving, not sure that it’s the right thing for us. I’m not sure about the new city and have a hard time seeing us living there. But after living somewhere for a total of 12 years, living anyplace else feels… weird. I feel a little better about it today, though I’m still not fully convinced. If sig-o gets these jobs though, I’ll have to decide something pretty quickly. Guess it’s time to make the old +/- list…


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