The joys of (no) insurance

29 Mar

Ah, the joys of health insurance. I have really great insurance and can’t really complain about anything — they’ve always been great and have covered anything I’ve needed in the past 4 years, including two pregnancies, 3 surgeries, and postpartum depression. I guess I should say had really great insurance, since my company shifted me to part time without me knowing when (I didn’t think we had agreed on a date) and left me without any coverage. We tried to get put on my husband’s insurance but the deadline had passed so I’ve been waiting it out this month until April 1, hoping I don’t get appendicitis or a toothache or (more likely) a nervous breakdown. I’ve been coasting on meds I already had (thank goodness I had to get them in 90-day batches!) and have cancelled a few appointments and quit therapy. Probably not the best thing, but what’s a girl to do? Overall I guess I’ve managed ok on my own this month, but I’ve been totally paranoid that something will happen that will send me to the ER, and that has fueled some of my anxiety — and that’s a fire that, believe me, needs no stoking. Now I have to deal with switching insurance and possibly providers, which I’m not looking forward to. But that’s better than nothing and I shouldn’t complain about that, for sure.  So here’s to having only 2 more days to go…


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