Celebrating amidst the anxiety

30 Mar

So today sig-o was offered a job in the new town we’ve been thinking about relocating to. And we expect a second offer to come in by the end of the week. So not one job offer, but two. In the same week. After months of nothing. Crazy! (I’m so proud of him, by the way!). So we’re celebrating, giving thanks to the universe for this gift and enjoying the moment of good news. This means we’re really moving. Really. Really really. I have to keep saying this because I can barely comprehend it still, even though we’ve been working towards it.

On top of that, we may have found someone today to rent our house and I found the perfect house for us to rent in the new city (fingers crossed for both). We could be in a new place in less than a month. Really.

So understandably, this is a happy time, but anxiety-provoking nonetheless. I’m trying to just enjoy the moment by taking a deep breath and letting the pieces all fall into place. I know, it doesn’t sound like me, but it’s true. Really.


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