Afternoon anxiety

10 Apr

So I saw the doc this week and was very happy to be able to say that I feel like the depression is better. Now if we could just get the anxiety under control. I asked about the afternoon anxiety I’m experiencing. It could because of when I take my meds or could be everything going on right now or could be both. At any rate, she gave me a prescription for something to help me get through everything going on right now. But then I found out after my appointment that I did not, in fact, have the health insurance that  I was supposed to have now. So I can’t get the medicine. This weekend we’re packing. Like major packing. Leaving just the basics out. This is highly stress-provoking for me and I could really use the help right now. I’ve pretty much been totally overwhelmed this week. We signed a lease to rent our house out and applied and was approved was to rent a house where we’re relocating. Both are good things, but make this move so much more real. I do feel better being able to know and see where we’re going. But I can tell my head is overwhelmed and stretched too thin when I get frustrated over simple things with the baby. Like him wanting to be held all the time, not taking a nap, needing a diaper change. And I was feeling that today. Just frustrated and tired and paralyzed — I can’t concentrate on anything long enough to finish a task. We’ll soon be overtaken by all the laundry I haven’t done in weeks. I mean that literally. Totally overtaken. And naked… we’ll be naked when we’re overtaken because we’re running out of anything to wear! Headlines will read: Naked family of 3 and family dog swallowed alive by dirty laundry.


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