Pre- preschool

2 Mar

Over the past few months, sig-o and I had been discussing the possibility of putting z-baby in preschool soon. Let me re-phrase that. Sig-o kept bringing up the idea of putting z-baby in some form of daycare from time to time to give me a break. But I don’t like the idea of having him in daycare or someone’s home just because I’m tired… I became a stay-at-home mom because I wanted to be with my baby. Yes, I could use a break every now and then (ok, every day about 6pm), but still… I tried a mother’s morning out program a few times, and keep getting called back to get him because z-baby just sobs uncontrollably no matter what they do. So I kept ignoring sig-o and suggested he might benefit from a preschool setting, but was in no hurry.

Then in late January we had the daycare/preschool back and forth yet again and I started to wonder when he might be ready. And then as a fluke — or a sign — I saw an announcement for a pre-school open house. Then another and another and another. Only thing was that they had all just passed. Hmmf. Being new to both parenthood and our city, I wasn’t tuned in to all the nuances of the preschool registration mayhem process, and didn’t realize that January was the open house month. But then on the last day of January, I found it. Not just an open house, but an open house fair. Yep. Multiple schools would be there. It was like getting a parenting do-over!

I researched schools across the city and we went to the fair. The choices…astounding. The prices…mostly insane. The pressure…disgusting! They make you feel like you don’t love your kid and want the best for him just because you don’t have him in this school or that program. I mean, he’s barely two. This isn’t really preschool. This is pre- preschool! Nevertheless, we finally narrowed it down to two schools we could afford and that seemed like a good fit for us and decided that if he didn’t get one of the very few slots still available, it was no biggie and we’d look at it again next year.

The first program on our list (goes once a week for four hours) had just one spot left for a 2-year old. A mom from the school who ended up being a client of my husbands and recognized us when we walked in, told us to practically camp out to try and get that spot. For real? I don’t think so. But by the time the day had rolled around for registration, sig-o decided he would get there by 5:30am and wait for the doors to open at 9am. When he got there at 5:40am, someone was already there waiting for the 2-year old spot. Wow. But he waited and I guess it paid off because they decided to open up just one more spot and we got it. A bunch of others behind him ended up on the waiting list. Crazy!

My mother got z-baby his first backpack for his birthday, and we’re still pumped from the adrenaline rush of registration.  Now we just have to wait until…September…for school to start.

KZG Mochila


One Response to “Pre- preschool”

  1. livingbeyondmyself March 8, 2011 at 12:04 pm #

    He’s growing up so fast!! His first backpack:)

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