Going up?

6 Mar

Have you ever been shopping and bought something, only to figure out later that it’s the wrong size, wrong color, doesn’t fit with your home’s decor, doesn’t fit in your home? I mean that literally — doesn’t fit through your door? Well…

A few weeks ago sig-o and I went shopping. We found this inflatable ball that is hollowed out inside so that your kid can climb in and roll around in it. Kind of like a giant hamster toy. We thought this was the kind of thing we would have gone crazy over as kids, so we threw it in the cart and bought it. Impulse buying at it’s best.

It sat in the garage until today, when sig-o finally had a day off and we could all get out and romp around in the yard together. Sig-o pulled it out and was thankful to see that it came with a hand pump. Forty minutes and a tired arm later, it was ready. Um, let me tell you, this ball is big. I mean really big.

Big Blue Ball

Z-baby vs. the big blue ball

Z-baby LOVED it. At first he just pushed it around. But he eventually crawled inside and had so much fun we had a hard time coaxing him back out. It wasn’t until we were putting toys away, though, that we realized just how very large this ball is. At first we laughed it off. Then we both got serious. “No, really. Where are we going to put this thing?” Sig-o rolled it into our garage storage/laundry room but the only place for it was right in my path to get to the washer and dryer.

So we went the only place we could — up. We decided to hang it above the chest freezer. But the ball is so big we couldn’t get the door open! So we moved some stuff around and made a quick trip to the neighborhood hardware store and… well, I have to admit that I’m proud of us for this one. In no time we hooked up a pulley system (all the credit goes to sig-o) to raise and lower the monstrosity without having to throw our backs out every time z-baby wants to play with it.

Pulley system

Us-1, Big blue ball-0

The morale of this story? Giant hamster balls are fun. Oh, and um, time to really clean out that garage!

(Btw, that’s not my washer and dryer. It came with the house we’re renting, but since we already had our own, we are were using them for storage.)


2 Responses to “Going up?”

  1. livingbeyondmyself March 8, 2011 at 11:52 am #

    That made my day!!! Hilarious! what would be even better is tie it to the car and take it to moms! lol

    • danygrl March 9, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

      i know. She already said she wanted to see it when I sent her a pic. I told her she’d have to come over here! I mean, I’d have to drive 2 mph 🙂

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