I may have to cut this short today…

9 Mar

It’s a good thing that Monday was Happy Monday. Because Tuesday and Wednesday around here have been icky. Like really sick icky.  Looks like z-baby and I have a stomach bug. UGH! It’s the kind of sick that leaves you sprawled on the bathroom floor praying to the universe and swearing that you’ll never drink again… except that you haven’t been anywhere near a drink and you can’t actually lay on the bathroom floor because it has been thrown up on and then haphazardly wiped up with a rag and your foot or else the dog licked it up… except that even the I’ll-eat-anything dog (who is, by the way, a true connoisseur of vomit) won’t touch this stuff. Who could blame her?


One Response to “I may have to cut this short today…”


  1. The Vaca Loca - April 3, 2011

    […] him, too. And there are times when I wonder where the love has gone. Like when I recently had the stomach flu and he snored through hours of me retching my guts out in the bathroom and calling out for him. But […]

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