Happy Monday

21 Mar

Of all the things making me happy today…

  1. Strawberries are here! Z-baby and I picked 10 lbs. of the luscious little things this morning. And they are goooooooOOOOOd! (That’s me singing strawberry opera).
  2. Thinking about all the yummy things I’m going to make with the strawberries (if they’re still around!). Strawberry jam, fresas con crema, berry parfaits, fruit salad, strawberry tart… I could go on and on…
  3. Finally making all the little decisions that were driving me crazy and plunking down the money to buy plane tickets to my brothers’ graduation in May. Well, plunking down the money did NOT make me happy (ticket for a 2-year old!), but getting the purchase out of the way did.
  4. Sig-o got an appointment letter to get his biometrics done (fingerprinting, basically) for his citizenship application process. One more step in the right direction!
  5. Having to “nurse” hot wheels and choo-choo’s… and even “fill up” the occasional pot or pan for z-baby’s play kitchen.
  6. Did I mention the strawberries?

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