Happy Monday

18 Apr

Hope you’re having a happy Monday! Here’s some of the things making me smile today:

  1. Getting my exercise running after z-baby and sig-o with my camera.
  2. Looking back through old photo albums.
  3. Riding three little laps in front of Sears on the (ridiculously overpriced) choo-choo train at the mall. Z-baby about plowed down everything and everyone in his path trying to climb aboard it while I chased behind with the stroller he managed to climb out of. Have I mentioned he’s into trains?
  4.  Detouring from a planned recipe and coming up with something totally different and even better.
  5. Planning for a trip. Yay for things to do and packing lists! (No, really!)
  6. Saving Christmas gift cards and surprising myself that I still have them… and then spending it, of course!

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