Happy Monday

25 Apr

Back to Happy Monday after a nice holiday weekend. These are some of the things that have been making me happy…

  1. When z-baby asks me to dance with him (to Bach)
  2. Finding the perfect shoe in the right color and size (Did my feet grow while I was pregnant?!)
  3. Z-baby’s first PB & J sandwich
  4. Easter egg hunts
  5. Warm, breezy, Spring afternoons
  6. The anticipation of the pool opening in just one week!
  7. Z-baby losing a new pool toy within the first hour (brought to him by the Easter Bunny). Where do these things go?!?
  8. Mine and z-baby’s new harmonica band
  9. Watching z-baby try to make the dog play the harmonica (she puts up with a lot)
  10. Hearing a perfectly conjugated verb spontaneously pop out of z-baby’s mouth… en español  🙂

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