Just say NO to crack!

3 May

Yesterday z-baby and I went to the neighborhood pool for the first time this season. I was so happy! I wasn’t planning on going until sig-o could go with us, but I just couldn’t wait. We even had the pool to ourselves for a long time before a bunch of people showed up. Z-baby had a lot of fun and his skills have improved significantly despite not having been in a pool for about 7 months. He kicked like a pro, blew bubbles, jumped in from the side, and went under water without barfing (yipeee!). And he was much easier to get changed after all the fun — not at all like last year when he would run around like crazy and try to get back in the water at the precise moment that I pulled my dress over my head.

I threw our swim clothes in the washer last night and as I pulled them out this morning I was bragging to sig-o about how well it had gone for us and how much fun we had. And then I saw my bathing suit. Oh mah gah…


See how it's dark on the right and dark on the left? And see that sunlight coming through the middle? Yep. That's where my crack was shining through in all it's glory, too.

Now, I’m not a big worrier about how I look, but I am opposed to showing the world my butt crack. Holy hell! I had no idea my ass was totally on display yesterday! And what about all those people? Ok, the tiny teens in their tiny bikinis were probably laughing their tiny asses off, but what about the mom with twin toddlers? She couldn’t mention to me that my bathing suit was one little underwater bubble from splitting wide open?

I told a mom at the playground the other day that her fly was down… Where’s the karma? Where’s the love?


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