Happy Monday

9 May

So many things to be happy about today!

  1. Taking z-baby on his first camping trip!
  2. Witnessing z-baby become one with the dirt on his camping trip.
  3. Roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.
  4. Seeing my dog act 5 years younger because she was so happy to be camping again, too 🙂
  5. Surviving z-baby’s first sleepover with grandma.
  6. Gearing up for sig-o’s big interview for citizenship. Send us good vibes and well wishes… he’ll be sitting in the interview at this very time next Monday!
  7. Cooking… and lots of it. I’m getting ready for a trip (I’ll be gone a whole month!) and cooking ahead and freezing stuff so that sig-o will have plenty to eat while I’m gone. When I did this last summer I remember how overwhelming it felt. This time I’m making progress at record speed and having fun while I do it (though I’ve been going so fast I haven’t taken time to take pictures for Foodie Friday).
  8. Watching z-baby and the dog romp around and playing this morning.
  9. Last night while giving z-baby a bath, the shower curtain and rod fell down on us. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I could just laugh about it with no melt down.
  10. Melting into a puddle of lovey goo when z-baby toddled over to me yesterday with a big bouquet of flowers and a card and said, “Lub ooo, Mommy!

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