Happy Monday

11 Jul

A very happy Monday to all! Many things to be happy about today!

  1. I’m back! I had planned to blog during our trip but we stayed much, much busier than I had anticipated. And we had SO much fun!
  2. Mexico won the sub-17 World Cup! (Good thing sig-o doesn’t read my blog or I’d be regañada for not putting this as #1!)
  3. Air conditioning.
  4. We are in the midst of potty training and so far so good. And that makes momma happy!
  5. When z-baby says “no.” It’s his new thing. Kind of annoying, but he says it so many different ways that it’s hard to be annoyed.
  6. When z-baby yells “Aaargh!” then cracks up laughing and says, “[s]care mommy?”
  7. Taking cake decorating classes with my mom.
  8. I have many things to share, so I’ll be back soon and often. Until then!

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