Happy Monday

18 Jul

Happy Monday! This Monday seemed to slip up on me… but still plenty to be happy about!

  1. Cleaning my house. That’s not something that usually makes my list, but it’s so nice when you’re finished, isn’t it?
  2. Dancing with z-baby and sig-o before and after dinner.
  3. Sig-o making it back from a weekend trip safe and sound.
  4. Getting a surprise souvenir from sig-o’s trip.
  5. When my poor dog finally goes out to the bathroom after refusing for 36 hours due to non-stop rain. Poor thing.
  6. Z-baby wrapping his trucks and choo-choos up in a blanket and bouncing them until they go night-night.
  7. Fresh, in-season fruit. I’m in love right now.
  8. Long afternoon naps with z-baby.
What are you happy about today?

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