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Happy Monday

8 Aug

Happy Monday! Here’s what’s making me happy today…

  1. Having z-baby back to normal today. He was a monster yesterday!!!!!
  2. Taking time to do “me” stuff.
  3. Being busy (in a good way).
  4. Finishing up what I started.
  5. Coming home from the store, the park, the mailbox and finding that my dog miraculously didn’t chew something up again!
  6. Being grateful.

What about you — what’s making you happy today?


Happy Monday

1 Aug

It’s Monday again already? Oh well… let’s make it a happy one anyways!

A few things making me happy this very instant….

  1. Z-baby is down for a nap.
  2. Sig-o is at work.
  3. In-laws just left.
  4. I get a few minutes of very quiet alone time.
  5. Just sold my first thing ever on Ebay. Yipee!
What’s one thing you’re happy about this very instant?

Happy Monday

25 Jul

Happy Monday! It’s scorching hot around here… hope everyone is staying cool!

  1. Hearing z-baby sing.
  2. Thinking of all the possibilities in designing my final cake for cake decorating class.
  3. Believing that my cake could actually turn out the way I’m envisioning (the power of positive thinking, or something like that).
  4. Lemonade.
  5. Fresh, homemade ice cream. YUM!
  6. Creating family rituals.
  7. Watching sports with z-baby… it’s the ONLY thing he’s interested in watching these days. Fútbol is his choice número uno, but he’ll settle for swimming, running, bicycling, and ping pong… which he then tries to re-enact in our living room. But I guess I can’t complain because after watching several Michael Phelps’ races he started using his arms and not just kicking when at the pool!
  8. Eating Cream of Wheat for lunch in July. Why not?
  9. Creating my own work space and imagining what I might accomplish there.
  10. Family coming in for a visit… la abuela and la tía are coming!
What’s making you happy today?

Happy Monday

18 Jul

Happy Monday! This Monday seemed to slip up on me… but still plenty to be happy about!

  1. Cleaning my house. That’s not something that usually makes my list, but it’s so nice when you’re finished, isn’t it?
  2. Dancing with z-baby and sig-o before and after dinner.
  3. Sig-o making it back from a weekend trip safe and sound.
  4. Getting a surprise souvenir from sig-o’s trip.
  5. When my poor dog finally goes out to the bathroom after refusing for 36 hours due to non-stop rain. Poor thing.
  6. Z-baby wrapping his trucks and choo-choos up in a blanket and bouncing them until they go night-night.
  7. Fresh, in-season fruit. I’m in love right now.
  8. Long afternoon naps with z-baby.
What are you happy about today?

Happy Monday

11 Jul

A very happy Monday to all! Many things to be happy about today!

  1. I’m back! I had planned to blog during our trip but we stayed much, much busier than I had anticipated. And we had SO much fun!
  2. Mexico won the sub-17 World Cup! (Good thing sig-o doesn’t read my blog or I’d be regañada for not putting this as #1!)
  3. Air conditioning.
  4. We are in the midst of potty training and so far so good. And that makes momma happy!
  5. When z-baby says “no.” It’s his new thing. Kind of annoying, but he says it so many different ways that it’s hard to be annoyed.
  6. When z-baby yells “Aaargh!” then cracks up laughing and says, “[s]care mommy?”
  7. Taking cake decorating classes with my mom.
  8. I have many things to share, so I’ll be back soon and often. Until then!

Happy Monday

23 May

I have soooooooooooo many things to be happy about today… but so little time to share. I’ve been MIA for a bit because z-baby and I were getting ready for and are now on a month-long trip. Busy, busy, busy and lots of fun so far.

Like I said, many things to be happy about. But one is so huge that it deserves a solo appearance so I’m only posting one thing today.

Drumroll please…..

  1. Sig-o is now officially a US citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was sworn in last Monday and we still kind of can’t believe it (and still can’t get visions of the hyper, over-the-top patriotic ceremony out of our heads, but that’s another story…). This is a big deal for us. We’ve been working on this process for 12 years now! Now that we reached this milestone, I promise to share the whole story with you soon. YEAH!!!

Happy Monday

9 May

So many things to be happy about today!

  1. Taking z-baby on his first camping trip!
  2. Witnessing z-baby become one with the dirt on his camping trip.
  3. Roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.
  4. Seeing my dog act 5 years younger because she was so happy to be camping again, too 🙂
  5. Surviving z-baby’s first sleepover with grandma.
  6. Gearing up for sig-o’s big interview for citizenship. Send us good vibes and well wishes… he’ll be sitting in the interview at this very time next Monday!
  7. Cooking… and lots of it. I’m getting ready for a trip (I’ll be gone a whole month!) and cooking ahead and freezing stuff so that sig-o will have plenty to eat while I’m gone. When I did this last summer I remember how overwhelming it felt. This time I’m making progress at record speed and having fun while I do it (though I’ve been going so fast I haven’t taken time to take pictures for Foodie Friday).
  8. Watching z-baby and the dog romp around and playing this morning.
  9. Last night while giving z-baby a bath, the shower curtain and rod fell down on us. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I could just laugh about it with no melt down.
  10. Melting into a puddle of lovey goo when z-baby toddled over to me yesterday with a big bouquet of flowers and a card and said, “Lub ooo, Mommy!