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“Deeta” Decisions

1 Mar

Sig-o and I have been trying to conceive for several months now with no luck. I’m convinced the complicating factor is that z-baby still nurses (we call it “chita, z-baby calls it “deeta”). AF returned when I was 5 months postpartum and exclusively breastfeeding and I’m pretty certain that I am ovulating. Which leads me to think that my prolactin levels are high and my luteal phase is just too short to sustain a pregnancy. Ugh…

When I had z-baby, my plan was to exclusively nurse for at least 6 months with an overall goal of nursing at least a year. But deep down my goal was to make it to 2 years, which we achieved last week (and I feel very fortunate for). So now I feel like I have some decisions to make…

Do I wean altogether? I don’t think z-baby is ready for that. He still nurses around the clock (but mainly when we goes down at night and naps) and shows no signs of letting up soon. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I feel like I want to run out the front door if I hear “Deeta?” again. I mean for 2 years — 730 days — I haven’t been apart from z-baby for longer than 10 hours at a time and that was a stretch. That’s a lot of “deeta.” And did I mention he never took a bottle and reverse cycled? But I digress. Overall it has been a great experience, and I’m not sure that I want to push him towards something he’s not ready for.

Do I just post-pone another pregnancy and let nature runs its course, no matter how long that may take? I wish I could be that patient. And that may ultimately be what happens anyway (isn’t it always, I guess?), but I’d like to nudge it along if possible so that I can take advantage of being at home right now and for as long as I can stretch this stay-at-home mom thing out.

Do I try to adjust his nursing schedule? It seems that if you can stretch out the nursing sessions, it gives the body’s hormones a chance to level out enough to get pregnant while continuing to nurse. That sounds like a win-win and the most logical place to start since I’m not quite ready to wean completely. But how to do it? Everyone says the “easy” option would be to drop the night nursing. MUCH easier said than done, though. I think we may have better luck dropping or greatly reducing the day nursing. Right now he’s teething again so he’s asking for it more often, but hopefully that will settle down soon.

So I guess I’ll sit with this decision for a while and see how it goes. And with any luck, z-baby will start to self-wean more quickly. As I look over at him playing with the dog, trying to take the dog’s toy away with his mouth, I’m thinking he really needs a human sibling 🙂