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Foodie Friday: Wilton Basic Cake Decorating (Class Three)

22 Jul

Mom and I had our third class last night and we decorated cupcakes. We were supposed to make two more batches of the icing, but I didn’t do it since I had so much leftover icing from last week (and this stuff lasts for what seems like forever!). So I have the same color scheme going on, but that was fine by me.

We learned a few new flowers tonight. A couple of them were quite ugly no matter how well you made them, which was some comfort, I suppose, because mine looked very little like they were supposed to! And I’m struggling with the leaves — I’ll just admit that up front. After learning these, we were given time to free-style on some cupcakes. Here’s how mine turned out.

Wilton third class cupcakes

Ok, so maybe I need to practice a bit more! 🙂

Mom went above and beyond today and baked extra cupcakes and decorated them before class. Here’s both her class and pre-class cupcakes. They had a lemon filling and were very yummy!

Mom's cupcakes

Mom's cupcakes from class

Mom's cupcakes

Mom's pre-class cupcakes

I filled my cupcakes with an orange cream. It’s actually a dip for fruit that I made yesterday for a fruit platter… today I added some cream cheese to it and blended it smooth to fill the cupcakes. My mom originally made this for my baby shower and it was a huge hit. But I really didn’t get to eat it because my morning all-day sickness was still in full-force. This was the first time I made it and it was worth the wait.

Orange Sour Cream Fruit Dip

  • 6 ounces frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
  • 1 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 (3 ounce) package instant vanilla pudding
  • 1/4 cup sour cream

Combine orange juice, milk, and pudding in a mixing bowl and blend until smooth. Stir in the sour cream and chill for at least 2 hours. Note: the dip gets sweeter the longer it sets. Enjoy!


If you give a boy a dollar…

20 Jul

As I may have mentioned before, I love going to yard sales. I’m not sure what it is… the hunt, the thrill of finding a bargain, the voyeurism of going through other people’s stuff…

I hadn’t been to any for a while and decided to hit one this weekend. As I gathered a few stray dollars I had around the house, z-baby patted his chest and asked, “Bebé monini?” (monini = z-baby’s word for money. I think it’s a mash up of “moneda” and “money.”). So I gave him a dollar and told him he could spend it one whatever he wanted. He was looking for a pocket to put it in but didn’t have one. He was wearing his caballo botas (as he calls his cowboy boots), so I told him to just put it down one of them.

I didn’t find much at the yard sale, but z-baby got the deal of the day. Mixed up with some other stuff were two little figurines, and he started yelling, “¡Caballo! ¡Caballo!” (horse) as soon as he spotted them. When I got a closer look, I realized they were alebrijes, a Mexican wood sculpture usually of animals (both real and fantasy). They weren’t exactly horses, but who was I to argue? There was another larger, signed alebrije, as well, but it was missing a few pieces.

So I had z-baby take the pieces to the woman running the yard sale. He handed them to her and I asked what she wanted for them. In a grandmotherly southern drawl she replied, “For this cutie? I reckon a quarter each.” I told z-baby that if he wanted them he would have to pay her with his monini. He set the alebrijes down quickly and fished his dollar out of his boot and handed it to her. I swear it’s close to the top of the list of the cutest things he’s ever done and it was really hard not to laugh. The woman, however, about fell out of her chair laughing and it only got worse when she gave him his change of two quarters and he promptly stuck them back down his boots. Priceless.


Z-baby's yard sale find: alebrijes

The next day we went to the flea market, because they run a close second to yard sales and because I’ve found several Mexican produce vendors who sell things I can’t otherwise find around here easily. Not to mention their produce is better. I talked my mom into going with us and she gave z-baby a dollar as we were getting out of the car. He wanted her to carry it since he wasn’t wearing his boots.

We walked around and around and looked at all kinds of junk, including toys, and never heard a peep out of z-baby. Then, as we were rolling past the first produce stand, he started making all kinds of a big commotion, asking for his monini. My mom gave it to him and we both stood there watching to see what he wanted and he went up and gave it to the produce vendor. I asked him what he wanted and he said, “ananana, plat-no.” Bananas. The boy wanted a banana. And that’s just what he got. 🙂

More signs of Spring

27 Mar

It’s a lazy, lazy Sunday here today. That’s just the way I like it. Here are a few more sure signs that Spring has arrived.


Azaleas in bloom outside our front door


Everything covered in pollen


First big storm rolling in


Rain coming down

I was THAT mom today

20 Aug

Yep. I’m so proud of myself. I took little z-baby to the pool today and after a while I noticed that I was the mom laughing out loud and having a ball playing with my baby. And it didn’t feel forced like it has oh so many times. I was truly enjoying myself and the baby. Now THAT feels good!

Getting back on track

5 Aug

Just a quick update before I head out of town again. True to my word, I got an appointment and checked in with my doctor. She’s keeping me off all meds for now until we can talk some more next week. And so far so good — both depression and anxiety still at bay so I couldn’t be happier about that! So I’m looking forward to visiting with friends while I’m in town and doing some shopping, and even making a quick visit to my psychic. Yep, now you know…a well-kept secret about me.  😉 Updates on all to come sometime later next week. Until then…

A bad, bad patient

1 Aug

So I’ve tried to be transparent and honest in this blog. And I’ve said a few things that surprise even me now (I’m a pretty private kind of person). But there’s a post I’ve been needing to write for a week or so that I find downright embarrassing. The fact is, I’m a bad, bad patient. Why? I’ve really messed up on my meds. I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but it does. I mean, it’s not a good thing…and it really irks me.

So here’s the situation. A few weeks ago, my back went out. I was on multiple muscle relaxers and pain pills. So in my stupor I missed some doses. It was very hit or miss. Then I started taking them again, but I was visiting family and out of my normal routine and it was hit or miss some more. Then I just totally dazed and now it’s probably been at least 7 days with no meds. At least. And I gotta say, I’m feeling pretty damn good. In fact, I’m feeling better than when I was on the meds lately. I’ve had some dizziness, which I imagine is from the withdrawal, but no other side effects. That’s not to say that the meds haven’t helped, because they absolutely have. But maybe — and this is admittedly a big maybe — it’s time to come off of them. There I said it. Now I don’t mean completely. With my history of depression and anxiety (I now know) and my family history, I’ll likely have to be on something for maintenance. But I’m hoping that I can get off the majority of it. And yes, this conveniently coincides with my last post, in which I ponder my readiness to try and get pregnant again. I know I may still deal with some depression and anxiety during another pregnancy, but cutting out some meds would be a very good thing. And I’m aware I would likely have to go back on something after delivery because I’m high risk for postpartum depression/anxiety/OCD, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it. But I digress.

In the meantime I have to figure out what to do. I need to make an appointment Monday morning with my specialist, which sucks because she’s now 4 hours away. I’m going to email her, too, and let her know the situation and see what she says to do between now and then. I’m writing that here so I’ll follow through with it and not just add it to a list of things to do. And hopefully I won’t get into too much trouble for being such a bad patient.

Ready or not?

31 Jul

When sig-o and I started talking about having a baby, we knew we wanted to — we just didn’t know when. So we waited. In fact, we waited 7 years. Then the miscarriage happened and our world shattered. It took us nearly two years t0 pick up the pieces and decide to try again. We set a date. And before that date rolled around (and while still on birth control!), I got pregnant with z-baby. Things were good, and then the postpartum depression/anxiety/OCD set in. It has been 8 months now since I first got help and I’ve been feeling really good lately. So good that we’ve been talking about trying to get pregnant again.

Sig-o is ready. I, however, have pretty mixed feelings about the whole thing. We’re in the window we had originally set to try for a second to get the spacing we wanted (between 2 and 3 years). And there are days when I feel like I can handle the pregnancy, morning sickness and all (with a little help from Zofran, that is). But then there’s part of me that wonders what the hell I would do if I had to go on bedrest again. How would I care for z-baby? And then there are days I’m convinced there’s no way on earth I could possibly care for more than one kid at a time. And then there’s the biggie — what if I get postpartum depression again?

So will I ever be ready again and how do you know if you’re ready to jump in again? The first time, despite trying for a long time, I have to admit that I didn’t really feel totally ready. But I felt more ready than not and decided that was good enough and that we just had to do it.  And maybe that’s the feeling I’m going for this time, too. Perhaps not feeling 100% ready is a good sign… an awareness and acknowledgement of just how much work is involved. So maybe it will be time again when I have more days when I feel like I can handle it all than days when the idea feels totally overwhelming. I don’t have all the answers yet, but I guess we could figure them out along the way just like we did this time. As far as the postpartum depression goes…I feel more prepared and more supported than I did before and I know that it’s survivable. That in itself it important.

So am I ready for another go at parenthood? Maybe not just yet, but I’m getting pretty close…