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Happy Monday

1 Aug

It’s Monday again already? Oh well… let’s make it a happy one anyways!

A few things making me happy this very instant….

  1. Z-baby is down for a nap.
  2. Sig-o is at work.
  3. In-laws just left.
  4. I get a few minutes of very quiet alone time.
  5. Just sold my first thing ever on Ebay. Yipee!
What’s one thing you’re happy about this very instant?

Happy Monday

25 Jul

Happy Monday! It’s scorching hot around here… hope everyone is staying cool!

  1. Hearing z-baby sing.
  2. Thinking of all the possibilities in designing my final cake for cake decorating class.
  3. Believing that my cake could actually turn out the way I’m envisioning (the power of positive thinking, or something like that).
  4. Lemonade.
  5. Fresh, homemade ice cream. YUM!
  6. Creating family rituals.
  7. Watching sports with z-baby… it’s the ONLY thing he’s interested in watching these days. Fútbol is his choice número uno, but he’ll settle for swimming, running, bicycling, and ping pong… which he then tries to re-enact in our living room. But I guess I can’t complain because after watching several Michael Phelps’ races he started using his arms and not just kicking when at the pool!
  8. Eating Cream of Wheat for lunch in July. Why not?
  9. Creating my own work space and imagining what I might accomplish there.
  10. Family coming in for a visit… la abuela and la tía are coming!
What’s making you happy today?

Happy Monday

23 May

I have soooooooooooo many things to be happy about today… but so little time to share. I’ve been MIA for a bit because z-baby and I were getting ready for and are now on a month-long trip. Busy, busy, busy and lots of fun so far.

Like I said, many things to be happy about. But one is so huge that it deserves a solo appearance so I’m only posting one thing today.

Drumroll please…..

  1. Sig-o is now officially a US citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was sworn in last Monday and we still kind of can’t believe it (and still can’t get visions of the hyper, over-the-top patriotic ceremony out of our heads, but that’s another story…). This is a big deal for us. We’ve been working on this process for 12 years now! Now that we reached this milestone, I promise to share the whole story with you soon. YEAH!!!

Happy Monday

18 Apr

Hope you’re having a happy Monday! Here’s some of the things making me smile today:

  1. Getting my exercise running after z-baby and sig-o with my camera.
  2. Looking back through old photo albums.
  3. Riding three little laps in front of Sears on the (ridiculously overpriced) choo-choo train at the mall. Z-baby about plowed down everything and everyone in his path trying to climb aboard it while I chased behind with the stroller he managed to climb out of. Have I mentioned he’s into trains?
  4.  Detouring from a planned recipe and coming up with something totally different and even better.
  5. Planning for a trip. Yay for things to do and packing lists! (No, really!)
  6. Saving Christmas gift cards and surprising myself that I still have them… and then spending it, of course!

Happy Monday: things that make me happy today

28 Feb

After z-baby was born and I went back to work, I dreaded Mondays like never before. They were so anxiety-ridden and painful. But I recently realized that I don’t dread Mondays anymore. In fact, they’re kind of a celebration around here. I may have piles of laundry blocking my path through the bedroom and dirty dishes lining my countertops… but I get to be home with my little baby big boy and decide when and if I’ll ever get around to it all. Yeah! I cherish the gift I’ve been given to be a stay-at-home mom for now, and give thanks to the universe making it possible. The Vaca Loca therefore officially declares Mondays “Happy Mondays” a day to celebrate the little (and big) things that make us happy.

  • Z-baby, who just turned two, with all his kisses, tantrums, giggles, and unending curiosity…
  • The absolutely gorgeous weather we’re having here today…
  • A beautiful park to play the day away in…
  • Watching z-baby play toilet paper futbol…he’ll kick anything!
  • Finally sending off yet another (and hopefully the last!) INS application for sig-o. This is the big one — citizenship — so we’ll have to have a big celebration when it comes through…
  • Blogging again — happy times!